Saturday, July 31, 2010

True Love

This is absolutely the sweetest thing my husband has ever done for me.

Spontaneous. Surprising. Glorious!

We were painting a section of our kitchen wall red.
Taking a break, I sat down at the office computer.
Eventually, the girls came in and blocked me from leaving the room.
After tickling them silly, I broke free to see such a sweet masterpiece of love!

I ran so excitedly to grab my camera -
and this is the love I captured!
This is one sweet memory I'll never forget.
And it's going to be mighty hard to paint over.
It may take me several days to figure out what to do about this ...

This melted my heart more than anything he's ever done for me.
I guess I'm easy to please ... but it feels like, after 23 years ...
true love!

Yahoo! That's my "B"!

Planting a Vineyard with my Little Sister!

I have a new article out titled Planting a Vineyard: "Couponing with Lucrecia Wingfield." What a fun article this was because my sweet friend (like a little sister to me), Lucrecia, agreed to do an interview/article for me. I started a facebook account because of Lucrecia ... she kept posting pictures on there and I kept getting invitations to see her pictures ... it was more than I could take, so I started a facebook account. I had to see those sweet kidos - her 3 boys and my girls' best friends.

Well, not long after, I kept noticing her posting pictures of groceries and personal care items that she purchased for so little money. She, once again, got my curiosity up enough that I had to ask her how on earth was she doing that. She showed me all her great websites for finding great coupons ... convinced me to start buying at least two Sunday papers for the coupons ... and I have really saved a lot of money since the first of the year. Not only that, I have so much more groceries and personal care items in my pantry and bathroom cabinets ... enough to last for months.

The best part ... I can give so much more away than ever before. I am a stay-at-home mom who home schools and writes, but basically we live on one income. We are probably the only "one income" family on our street. Earlier in the year, the post office did their yearly food drive, and we were the only family on the street that put out an overflowing sack of grocery items to donate.

It's just proof that one can do much on one income if you take advantage of money saving opportunities.

Shelli and Lucrecia
I thank my good friend, Lucrecia, for the interview and for the special memory/keepsake of an article on her - written/compiled by me. That is mighty special indeed! And I thank my precious Savior, who makes blessings like this possible.

I hope you are blessed by the article. And that you are able to save money and stock up as I have.
Love, Shelli

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beauty for Ashes

I have a new article out! I am so thrilled about this one because it is written on a lady, Mary Clemons, who lives in my hometown of Terrell, Texas. We actually went to high school together for a few years until she moved away. It is a tragic story of domestic violence ... I say tragic because there was not a happy ending to her marrige. But her life is victorious, and the best thing is that she is alive today to proclaim how much she loves the Lord and is a servant to helping others escape domestic violence. I know you will be blessed by her story!

And Mary will be featured in Good Housekeeping toward the end of this year!
Love, Shelli