Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Romeo!

I do love a good surprise!

Yesterday my husband spent the night with his aunt and uncle. After work, he drove straight to their house. The evening prior, knowing us girls would be all alone, he moved Karalee's twin mattress into our bedroom so we three girls could sleep in one room while he was gone. That meant him sleeping on Katelyn's bed the evening before he left ... and us girls had two nights in one bedroom together. The girls love that! Slumber party!

The evening before he left, he went to the store after we girls were already tucked safely in bed. Karalee happened to get up and noticed him gone. Nothing gets past Karalee! I told her to leave him a note saying, "Caught you!" She did. We fell fast asleep.

Next morning, that very same note had a reply from dear old dad saying, "Call me at 6pm for the clue!" Clue?! Aha! Let the games begin. It must have gotten the best of him because it didn't take long for him to call me that morning and give me a clue. He said, "Sit in my rocker/recliner, look at the TV, and think 'Mad Hatter.'"

We did exactly that. Both girls crawled up into my lap, and we followed his instructions. Nothing came to us. We thought, "It couldn't be watching Alice in Wonderland ... we've seen it a dozen times ... that would be nothing new and exciting." I thought, maybe he wants us to rent the movie Rango that has Johnny Depp in it. But when I asked him about that, he said "No." Plugged In with Focus on the Family gave Rango not-so-good reviews, so we have yet to see it. We were at a loss.

Finally, we get up and start snooping around the entertainment center ... looking for any clue. Nothing. I reached way up high and felt ... nothing. I walked into my room. In a minute, I hear, "Mom ... I found it" from one Karalee! I walked in to find her with a hat box open ... the movie Gnomeo and Juliet, popcorn and three boxes of candy (peanut butter M&M's, peanut M&M's and Junior Mints)! We love chocolate, so that by itself was a wonderful surprise!

I texted him and wrote, "You have two very smart little girls." He immediately called to see if we had found it. Then let us know we still had to wait till 6pm to see the movie! Ha!! (His way of providing us entertainment in his absence) At that time ... I still had no idea how the present had anything to do with "Mad Hatter." So I asked him. He said, "I put it in the hat box!" Silly me!! Okay, I get it now! I may be a bit slow ... but I'm not slow at realizing I have one sweet husband, and I cherish the silly rascal! He is my Romeo.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wonka Golden Ticket Winner!

Well, almost! The other day, the girls and I were checking out at Target. You know how there are always coupons that print out, and the cashier hands you the coupons with your receipt? Well, I received a coupon for a FREE 3.5oz Wonka chocolate bar. This made my day! I stuffed the coupon into my purse and couldn't wait to go back to cash it in.

In the meantime, my sweet momma came for a visit. She stayed three glorious days, and we had so much fun relaxing and swimming, then relaxing and swimming. Spending time together. We girls decided to take her to the Target we always go to and get her a salted pretzel and cheese (our favorite!). I thought ... for dessert, I'll go cash in that coupon for the candy bar, and we'll savor the flavor after our pretzel! So, while the girls and their Gran-Gran were waiting for our pretzels, I ran to grab a candy bar and began the check-out process. I was in shock when another coupon for a FREE Wonka candy bar printed out again!

I went back to the snack bar and gave my report! I just got a free candy bar and a coupon for another one. Giggles and more giggles from two young girls. I was dying inside to find out if I went and checked out another candy bar with this "Free" coupon, would another "Free" candy bar coupon print out? The girls begged me to go find out. So, sheepishly, I did. I went to another cashier because I was so embarrassed! Lo and behold, another "FREE" candy bar coupon printed out. Guys, these candy bars are almost $2 each. So, I have two free candy bars (3.5oz, mind you) and another "FREE" coupon in my hand! I can't wait to go back to find out what happens next.

Either I have totally won the Wonka Golden Ticket ... or I am being secretly experimented on! Let's see how many times a woman will go back to Target to get free candy bars?! My mom said, "This is their way of getting you hooked on their product so you'll start buying them!" I totally agree. It's really good!!

But, here's my philosophy on it ... I think it's a sweet blessing from the Lord. Why? Because He can! Because He loves me and because I love Him ... I totally won (inherited) the Golden Ticket!