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A woman should never reveal her age, right?!
Just don't read those numbers backward!
Hello! I'm Shelli Littleton.

I so appreciate you stopping by.

There is not a whole lot to know about me. I'm a simple girl who is turning "middle aged," I live in and love Texas, and I am blessed to be a mother to two precious girls. They are growing up before my very eyes. I am so thankful for each day they are with me, knowing that soon they will be venturing out on their own and making their way in this world.

My first article was published by LifeWay's HomeLife magazine in 2007. Since then, the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to write for Woman's Missionary Union's magazine, Missions Mosaic. I so love interviewing missionaries and sharing their stories. I've been blessed to have interviewed and written articles on renowned Christ followers such as Ron Hall and Melissa Moore. And I love that I've had the opportunity to write about some of my very own hardships ... sharing how I survived. I love how the Lord can take the very thing the enemy would have loved to have used to destroy us and use it for ministry ... for His glory. Invaluable.

And I do speak on surviving hardships ... for women's retreats, etc. So, always feel free to contact me on that.

And I am blessed to have surpassed the 25 year mark with my husband. All glory to God.  My husband can make me laugh like no other. And he can make me cry like no other. He matters to me.

Why do I write? I like to share my articles and different issues God has me pondering ... sometimes things I don't always know the answer to. I like writing about different issues ... questioning ... but know I never claim to be an expert. Just Shelli's Scribblings and food for thought. Always feel free to comment ... and give me something else to ponder.

The title "Shelli's Scribblings" came about from a lap writing pad my neighbor, Ms. Mitchelltree, gave me upon my high school graduation. She had "Shelli's Scribblings" painted on it. Little did I know at that time how much I would come to love writing or that God would even open such a sweet opportunity for me.

Blessed by you,

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