Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Order Your Copy, "The Preacher's Wife" & Merry Christmas!

I feel incredibly blessed to be writing for Woman's Missionary Union. My favorite part is delving into missionaries' lives and sharing with our world what they are doing or experiencing - their courage, their unselfish love for others, their hardships, their triumphs. It usually goes like this: I receive a connection with a missionary ... I send them a questionnaire ... they return their answers ... tears well-up in my eyes as I pour over their precious answers ... I beg God to give me guidance on how to write about their amazing, sacrificial lives ... and God always delivers. He is our Deliverer, in every way.

I am now writing for WMU's magazine, Missions Mosaic. I have a cover story coming out February 2012, and because so many of you were praying for me as I endeavored to write this, I wanted to let you all know in case you would like to order a copy. Go here if you would like to order a subscription. I have never ordered a single copy before, but there is a phone number to call if you just wanted one issue instead of a year.

Our Christmas tree -
courtesy of Karalee and Katelyn
Without revealing too much, I will let you know that I was very blessed in this article to interview some very special women, including a very special lady, Lisa McKay. Some of you may better know her as "The Preacher's Wife." She is an author (You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes), a beautiful lady, and a survivor of the terrible storms and tornadoes that tore through Alabama April 27, 2011. I know you will be blessed by this article ... blessed by her story. And sweet Lisa, thank you for trusting me to share a fraction of your story through your storm.

I just received my Missions Mosaic January issue ... so the February issue will probably be out in only four weeks. So, act quickly. And remember when you support WMU, you support IMB and NAMB missionaries. A subscription also makes a very nice Christmas gift for a loved one or yourself; I just ordered this as a Christmas gift for my mother.

Christmas lights barely hanging on. Courtesy of Aslan.

I am showing you a picture of our Christmas tree that our girls assembled almost entirely by themselves. The bottom branches are extremely low, courtesy of our two cats (tree-climbers), Aslan and Lucy. And if you wonder why the tree isn't lying on the floor, that is courtesy of my husband who made a cement block years ago to maintain the tree (the tree pole is "stuck" in the middle of that cement block). The cement is sturdy and keeps the tree upright, regardless of the critter that ventures to climb it. The limbs may sag, but that tree is not going anywhere. We desperately need a new tree, as this one is fairly old, but we are sentimental souls. The girls have been leaving their marks with colors on the Christmas tree box since they were babies. By the way, do you see the kittie under the tree posing as a Christmas gift (in picture to the right)?

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." - Isaiah 9:6

May you know Jesus today as your Counselor, your Fortress and Deliverer, your Father, your Knight in Shining Armor. And may the Lord be the one who maintains you this season, regardless of surrounding circumstances. And if I'm not back on here before Christmas, I wish you a very "Merry Christmas."

With all my love,

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Carrying On with Carrie McDonnall

Here is another older article that I meant to post on my blog.

Blazing gunfire and shrapnel landed Carrie McDonnall critically injured, widowed, and the sole survivor of a terrorist ambush while on an Iraqi relief mission on March 15, 2004.

I didn't realize till after I had written this, that Carrie had actually been in my Sunday school dept at my church before all this happened in her life (before we moved to Fort Worth). She was a blessing to interview and has an amazing story of courage and God's faithfulness.

I know you will be blessed by her story.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Romeo!

I do love a good surprise!

Yesterday my husband spent the night with his aunt and uncle. After work, he drove straight to their house. The evening prior, knowing us girls would be all alone, he moved Karalee's twin mattress into our bedroom so we three girls could sleep in one room while he was gone. That meant him sleeping on Katelyn's bed the evening before he left ... and us girls had two nights in one bedroom together. The girls love that! Slumber party!

The evening before he left, he went to the store after we girls were already tucked safely in bed. Karalee happened to get up and noticed him gone. Nothing gets past Karalee! I told her to leave him a note saying, "Caught you!" She did. We fell fast asleep.

Next morning, that very same note had a reply from dear old dad saying, "Call me at 6pm for the clue!" Clue?! Aha! Let the games begin. It must have gotten the best of him because it didn't take long for him to call me that morning and give me a clue. He said, "Sit in my rocker/recliner, look at the TV, and think 'Mad Hatter.'"

We did exactly that. Both girls crawled up into my lap, and we followed his instructions. Nothing came to us. We thought, "It couldn't be watching Alice in Wonderland ... we've seen it a dozen times ... that would be nothing new and exciting." I thought, maybe he wants us to rent the movie Rango that has Johnny Depp in it. But when I asked him about that, he said "No." Plugged In with Focus on the Family gave Rango not-so-good reviews, so we have yet to see it. We were at a loss.

Finally, we get up and start snooping around the entertainment center ... looking for any clue. Nothing. I reached way up high and felt ... nothing. I walked into my room. In a minute, I hear, "Mom ... I found it" from one Karalee! I walked in to find her with a hat box open ... the movie Gnomeo and Juliet, popcorn and three boxes of candy (peanut butter M&M's, peanut M&M's and Junior Mints)! We love chocolate, so that by itself was a wonderful surprise!

I texted him and wrote, "You have two very smart little girls." He immediately called to see if we had found it. Then let us know we still had to wait till 6pm to see the movie! Ha!! (His way of providing us entertainment in his absence) At that time ... I still had no idea how the present had anything to do with "Mad Hatter." So I asked him. He said, "I put it in the hat box!" Silly me!! Okay, I get it now! I may be a bit slow ... but I'm not slow at realizing I have one sweet husband, and I cherish the silly rascal! He is my Romeo.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wonka Golden Ticket Winner!

Well, almost! The other day, the girls and I were checking out at Target. You know how there are always coupons that print out, and the cashier hands you the coupons with your receipt? Well, I received a coupon for a FREE 3.5oz Wonka chocolate bar. This made my day! I stuffed the coupon into my purse and couldn't wait to go back to cash it in.

In the meantime, my sweet momma came for a visit. She stayed three glorious days, and we had so much fun relaxing and swimming, then relaxing and swimming. Spending time together. We girls decided to take her to the Target we always go to and get her a salted pretzel and cheese (our favorite!). I thought ... for dessert, I'll go cash in that coupon for the candy bar, and we'll savor the flavor after our pretzel! So, while the girls and their Gran-Gran were waiting for our pretzels, I ran to grab a candy bar and began the check-out process. I was in shock when another coupon for a FREE Wonka candy bar printed out again!

I went back to the snack bar and gave my report! I just got a free candy bar and a coupon for another one. Giggles and more giggles from two young girls. I was dying inside to find out if I went and checked out another candy bar with this "Free" coupon, would another "Free" candy bar coupon print out? The girls begged me to go find out. So, sheepishly, I did. I went to another cashier because I was so embarrassed! Lo and behold, another "FREE" candy bar coupon printed out. Guys, these candy bars are almost $2 each. So, I have two free candy bars (3.5oz, mind you) and another "FREE" coupon in my hand! I can't wait to go back to find out what happens next.

Either I have totally won the Wonka Golden Ticket ... or I am being secretly experimented on! Let's see how many times a woman will go back to Target to get free candy bars?! My mom said, "This is their way of getting you hooked on their product so you'll start buying them!" I totally agree. It's really good!!

But, here's my philosophy on it ... I think it's a sweet blessing from the Lord. Why? Because He can! Because He loves me and because I love Him ... I totally won (inherited) the Golden Ticket!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Come and See: Pondering Nathanael, John 1:46

I had the sweetest quiet time this morning with the Lord. Katelyn ended up joining me. We looked at the wildflowers (my husband would call them weeds!) together and thanked the Lord for making them ... for making the birds sing.

I was reading John chapter one. After Philip was called by Jesus, he ran to tell his friend Nathanael about Jesus. Nathanael joked that nothing good could come from Nazareth! He wasn't quite convinced. I love when Philip says to Nathanael, "Come and see."

And Nathanael had a sweet encounter with Jesus. He came and saw. Jesus told him that he'd seen him while he was under the fig tree ... before Philip had even come to him to tell him about Jesus. My NIV commentary says, "The omni-present Lord was with him under the fig tree." I love that! Nathanael then declares that Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus told him, "You believe because I told you I saw you under the fig tree. You shall see greater things than that."

I saw that Philip became a disciple of Jesus ... but what about Nathanael? He wasn't mentioned in the Matthew 10 list of disciples. My mind: how could he have such a sweet encounter and not follow Jesus like his friend Philip. I looked up "Nathanael" in the back of my Bible (Ryrie NIV) and beside his name it says, "Probably 'Bartholomew'" ... and then I was led to John 21:2 where Nathanael is actually listed among the other disciples.

I am no theologian ... but it looks pretty promising to me that Nathanael may very well be Bartholomew, and that he did follow Jesus. I'm counting on my theologian friends to tell me what they know!! I asked my mom if she had heard that ... she's been in church all her life, and she doesn't recall ever hearing anything about him. I love the things that the Lord teaches us, or at least has us ponder, as we spend time with Him ... the one true God. He is with us. All we have to do is, as Philip so sweetly said, "Come and see."

"... For you yourself have taught me." Psalm 119:102

**And just for further studying ... In John 21:2 where Nathanael is listed among 7 disciples ... he was among the 7 out fishing and catching nothing, when Jesus called to them from the shore and told them to throw their net on the right side of the boat and they would find fish (after Jesus had been resurrected). I love when they finally reach the shore ... reach Jesus ... and Jesus says, "Come and have breakfast." "None of the disciples dared ask him, 'Who are you?' They knew it was the Lord." Jesus beckoned them to "come to him" once again ... and Nathanael was a part of that! By the looks of it, Nathanael did see "greater things." He knew the Lord, and the Lord knew him.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sunscreen - A Mild Form of Punishment!

School's out. I've been taking the girls to the pool all week. Other kids must still be in school because we've had the pool all to ourselves. It's been nice.

Yesterday I realized our sunscreen was getting a bit low, so last night I ran into Albertson's for a few other items and decided I would check the price on their sunscreen. I've been enjoying the spray-on type. The bottle doesn't last as long, but it is so quick to use compared to the lotion type - girls are sprayed with sunscreen, in the pool, over and out.  I saw a brand I had not heard of, but it was $7.99 and buy one get one free. I thought that was a fair price for the sunscreen and would last me quite a while.

Arriving at the pool today, someone would have gotten a good chuckle watching me try to figure out how to get the sunscreen to come out of the container! It's normally a no-brainer ... mash the top and the sunscreen sprays out. I tried everything. Handing it off to my 13 year old, I knew she would eventually figure it out ... accidentally squirting some in her hair, she figures it out the hard way. She said, "Mom, you just have to mash 'really' hard." It was so hard to get out of the bottle. I almost had to use two hands to mash the cap in order for the sunscreen to come out. I know there is a thing called "freedom of speech," but I'm afraid to mention which brand it was. I do not recommend it ... I will say this: stick to what you know is good ... Banana Boat, Coppertone! It's worth every dime.

Moving on ... I manage to get the sunscreen to come out, and I'm trying to get the girls covered. When I get to their little backs ... their shoulder blades squeeze together like the sunscreen is so cold and they can just barely take it. I say, "Don't do that ... keep your back flat so we don't waste it." I have always said that to them!

So before the girls get into the pool, I asked them if they would "try" to spray my back. I had used Hawaiian Tropic tanning lotion yesterday, and I managed to get a little sunburned. So I figured I'd better go with the sunscreen today. The girls were giggling their heads off trying to spray the container ... really working as a team to get it on me. The first squirt came out ... it was so cold I couldn't help but wince a little. The next spray ... I'm almost in tears. I am exaggerating a tiny bit ... but I was jokingly crying out loud and that just made the girls laugh even harder. I  couldn't help but say, "This feels like a mild form of punishment!"

I've never understood why the girls acted so silly when I sprayed their backs with sunscreen ... now, I know! And I say all this as a reminder that ... it's so easy to judge others ... we do not always understand what someone else is going through until we get the chance to swim a mile in their goggles! The sunscreen was a definite reminder for me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Andrew Arthur is Planting a Church in Urban Seattle

I have another article out on a precious couple, Andrew and Kim Arthur. They are from David Platt's church in Alabama ... the author of Radical. David's heart is spreading the gospel to our world, and Andrew and Kim are following in those steps. God has moved in their hearts to share Jesus, and they are planting a church in urban Seattle, where, according to Andrew, only 10% of the population is actively engaged in an evangelical church. I am amazed at what God has already done through them, and I am so excited to see what God will do through them in Seattle. I know you will be blessed by their story. And please keep them in your prayers.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Cupcake Disaster!

Just prior to Easter, the Lord spoke so sweetly to my heart over Psalm 23:1. My mom gave me an oil painting that quoted the scripture, "The LORD is my Shepherd; I shall not want." Those four last words stuck out at me: I.Shall.Not.Want. But in order to "not want" the LORD has to be our Shepherd. Those four little words kept ringing in my ears.

Easter morning started out so sweet. The girls looked so pretty in their new dresses. We drove to our favorite donut shop to discover they were closed that morning. I'm glad they were closed ... they were celebrating Easter. But we all missed their donuts! So we detoured to Whataburger for a quick bite.

We arrived at church early. I toted in my 30 cupcakes for my Sunday school class. Our first 5th grade girl came up to me and said that she wouldn't be able to stay for class. I asked her if she'd like to take a cupcake with her. Of course, she did. As soon as she started walking away, the cupcake slipped out of her hand and landed on the floor. But the icing was still firm enough that it remained in tact; she picked it up and walked out happily. Five second rule applied.

An hour later, Sunday school is over, and my co-teacher reminds me that our time is short to eat the cupcakes. I get up and quickly walk over to the cupcakes. I picked up the platter off the floor, intending to walk them around the class to let the girls pick one, and half of the cupcakes slid off the tray and fell onto the floor. By this time, the icing was not firm ... it had softened ... and icing smudged all over the floor (carpet). I had a total disaster on my hands (I wish I had a picture for show-and-tell). I still had half the cupcakes, but I was three short for the girls to have one each. And I have this disaster before me. I stood up and just laughed ... saying, "What do you do?!"

I.Shall.Not.Want. ringing loudly. I tell you, I felt pretty needy at the moment. Immediately several girls said, "It's okay; I don't want one." Their hearts are bigger than you could imagine; I love this group of girls. This is my second year of working with them; but they had my heart on Day 1. One girl (little angel) helped me pick them all up; another little angel said, "It's okay Ms. Shelli; we all make mistakes." And my co-teacher handed out the remaining cupcakes to the girls who did want one. Then the teacher from next door walked in with her group of girls to deliver Easter packages full of candy to our girls. I was not feeling needy any more, a little embarrassed, but not needy. I was not in want. The Lord had surely covered me. Thankfully, I wasn't covered by icing!

Because of Him, "I shall not want." And I plan to take a package of icing-free cookies to Sunday school this coming weekend so those girls shall not want! I certainly owe them.

Following Jesus ... doesn't mean that hardships won't come. Oh, they will. We all need teachable moments. And we can't stay the way we are or we'd never achieve the goal of becoming more like Jesus. We have to go through change, and usually hardships/trials are the way change is accomplished in our lives. My husband always teasingly says that I like things "sugar-coated." It's true ... guilty as charged! But with God, even our hardships/ our disasters can be good/ used for good when we are following after Him ... He "is" the sugar-coating to all our problems.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Resurrection Day

My mother bought me a painting for my birthday. She got a chance to bring it to me yesterday ... the timing was perfect. It is an oil painting of a shepherd and his flock. At the bottom are the words, "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want" Psalm 23:1. The more I looked at those words, in particular, four words stood out and captured my heart ... I. Shall. Not. Want.

Because of Jesus, because our God loved us so much to send His Son to the cross for our sin, because he suffered and died for us, because Jesus rose from the tomb overcoming death, because the LORD is our shepherd ... I. Shall. Not. Want.

God bless you this resurrection day.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Older Articles

Here are a few of my older articles that I just didn't want to leave off my blog. Their stories touched my heart so deeply.

The first is on Ron Hall and Denver Moore, authors of Same Kind of Different As Me.  This is a story of how Ron and his late wife, Deborah, helped a homeless man. Incredible story!

And Gracie Rosenberger, who just released her new book, Gracie. Gracie was in a severe auto accident, ended up losing her legs over time, and has an amazing ministry providing prosthetic limbs to people who need them. She has even been a Fox News contributor! Her website is standingwithhope.com, if you want to find out how to order her new book. I've just started reading it; cried like a baby reading details of her accident. I'm so proud of her.

And lastly, I want to include the very first article for WMU I wrote. Paula from Brazil on mission in Africa at the time will always be so special to me!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Watch What You Pick Up!

Before Christmas, I got a new pair of shoes - Zeeboks. I didn't know they were called "Zeeboks" until after I had already had them a while. And I'm not even sure if I'm spelling that correctly. Not long after I had them, I realized they had an amazing unadvertised feature - picking up acorns, rocks, etc. Suddenly, you become a collector! At the end of the day, you never know what you are going to find in your "shoe pickers"! Could be good ... could be bad!!

Isn't that just how life is? Being surrounded by so much bad stuff ... how do we pick up the good and leave the bad? I think about this often. Mainly because I have two young girls. Example: there are words ... not bad words, but just slang words that just don't sound right coming out of their precious mouths. But, they are words I've heard all my life and words that I said when I was young, like "shut-up" or "stupid" (better known as the "s" words in our family!) We are inundated by them (and much worse) on TV all the time. I have to be cautious not to pass those things on to my kids. And if we aren't careful, we'll find we are instant collectors of a lot of bad stuff.

Sticking close to God ... He transforms us little by little; no doubt. And that is key. How do you keep the good and leave the bad? I've decided it's by running smack dab into God. (and please don't misunderstand and think I have this mastered ... my dearest friends know better ... but God continues to transform me little by little!)

When I was young, I could not roller skate. I was a hazard, and that is putting it gracefully. I'd go to the skating rink in Tyler, Texas, (before moving to Terrell) because my sister wanted to go. I could put the skates on, and I even managed to skate around the rink without falling. But I had a big problem - I could not stop. The only way I could stop was to run smack dab into the wall. I'd hold my hands out, as not to hit my face, and run right into the wall. Stopped! Real graceful! (actually, I got fairly graceful at it!)

Well, that is how you manage to keep the good and leave the bad. We have to run smack dab into God. How do you do that? Watch what you pick up! Make a conscious effort to pick up: a relationship with Jesus, God's Word (by memorization & meditation), church, Christian radio (oh, I love that!), Christian magazines and books, clean movies, clean TV shows ... and make a choice to leave the rest on the ground where it belongs!

We have to be examples and pass it on to our children. I have to admit something. My girls were watching "Parent Trap" 1988 version this week. I've always loved that movie. Loved the original, love the newer one. I adored both little girls in both movies. As my daughter revealed the list of characters, I saw "Lindsey Lohan." I was shocked that the little girl in the 1988 version was Lindsey Lohan, the actress who has been on the news so much in recent years for drug and alcohol abuse and imprisonment. My heart just broke. She became more real to me ... and I began praying for her. I googled her name; found one childhood picture of her, amidst many photos I wish I had never seen. Wikipedia revealed she had a very turbulent upbringing. Sadly, she is an example of what can happen to us when we don't make a conscious effort to watch what we pick up.

And that's just "Shelli's Scribblings" on the topic!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Picking Up the Pieces

It's early in the morning ... 1:32am. I can't sleep. Too much caffeine tonight. But after being in the dark, I can barely focus my eyes on this computer screen. But God has surely been speaking to my heart this night. Been thinking on "loss."

Just made a trip to visit my precious grandmother. I love her so much. She can barely hear me now, and she is afraid to let go of her savings to buy a good hearing aid. And her knee hurts so badly; that is all she can think or talk about. She needs to talk about it; and I'm grateful to listen.

But change is hard for me.

I had my hair cut today ... a good 5-6 inches taken off. I miss it already. My daughter, Katelyn, loves my long hair, and she was not happy with the haircut. I didn't want that much taken off, but nevertheless, it is gone. And I didn't say a word. When Katelyn looked at me, I was reminded of the novel/movie Little Women - when Joe has her hair cut for money; her little sister Amy sees her, and says, "Joe, your one beauty?!" Loss. As we were leaving the hair salon, Katelyn opened up her purse and revealed to me that she had picked up several locks of my hair and stashed them away as a keepsake. Made me feel loved. I mean something to her; even my hair means something to her. Precious. Her prayer request tonight: "And God, please let Momma's hair grow back."

My preparations this week for my Sunday school lesson is on giving. Actually ... stewardship. When paid, 10% to God/church, 10% saved, and the rest is used for needs ... but shouldn't be used all on "us." That left over part should be used to give to others, too. Japan. Friends going through difficult times. People who are shattered ... wounded. People experiencing "loss."

I love the words to this song:

Give Them All To Jesus
Are you tired of chasing pretty rainbows
Are you tired of spinning round and round
Wrap up all the shattered dreams of your life
And at the feet of Jesus lay them down

Give them all, give them all, give them all to Jesus
Shattered dreams, wounded hearts, broken toys
Give them all, give them all, give them all to Jesus
And He will turn your sorrow into joy

He never said you would only see sunshine
He never said there would be no rain
He only promised us a heart full of singing
That's the very thing that once brought pain

Give them all, give them all, give them all to Jesus
Shattered dreams, wounded hearts, broken toys
Give them all give them all give them all to Jesus
And He will turn your sorrow into joy

Loss. What can we do to help others? What can we give? Food, money, encouragement, toys, clothes, the car we no longer use, prayers, a listening ear. We all have shattered dreams. Pain. Broken hearts. No one escapes. But when we know Jesus ... He is the mender, the healer.

God continues day after day to pick up my broken pieces. I often hear people questioning if God really loves them, but the flip side is this: how can we show God how much He means to us - how much we love Him? By giving just a fraction of what He has given to us. We can't be everything to everyone, but we can help others pick up their broken pieces as the Lord leads. Your love for them will be revealed, and they will also see that they mean something to us.

 "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." Jim Elliot

A fallen/broken tree at my grandmother's house. Who would have thought it could be such a beautiful place?

My sweet friend Amy just reminded me of something. My hair probably means so much to Katelyn because she is a cancer survivor. Thank you, Amy, from one surviving family to another.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Dance

We have had a blast with the kids' new Wii game, Just Dance Kids! It's a competition to see who can follow the dance steps more closely and score the most points ... presenting the winner! Having a drill team background, even years and years ago, has given me an advantage over my girls. I usually win! And I consider myself non-competitive! Ha! We really get tickled when my husband steps in to score. He is very competitive and usually comes in last. Well, he really threw us for a loop recently. The girls and I were dancing ... he was logged in as a player, but opted out. He was sitting behind us in his lazy chair. Well, come the end of the dance, sweat dripping, "he" is in second place! Say what?! I looked behind me to gaze upon him reclining and jiggling the controller ... and lest I forget to mention, laughing himself silly! He said, "And I didn't start jiggling the remote until half-way through the song." In other words, had he started jiggling the remote from the beginning he would have beat us girls (won!) ... all the while sitting nice and comfy in his lazy chair!

Well, as usual, it got me thinking on Jesus. Our walk with Him.

Speaking to a group of young girls recently trying to encourage them in their walk with God, I was met with many blank stares. I wanted them to know how God's Word has the power to change their lives. It's not hard. You can even sit in your lazy chair to score huge points, so to speak. Oh, we know God isn't on a point system like the Wii game ... but oh, the simple act of reading His Word, even in your lazy chair, with a sincere and earnest heart has huge impact. When you care enough to KNOW Him ... to read His Word and want to hear from Him ... He will speak to you. And He promises He will reward you. You will win!

My husband had an appt at a huge hospital yesterday in Dallas. We could not find a parking spot to save our lives. The parking lot was filling up with cars simply driving around trying to find a parking spot, to no avail. There were cars parked in illegal places simply because they gave up and made do, legal or not. My husband was getting irritated. I told him, "Get out of the car and go to your appointment. I will take over, find us a parking spot, and we will meet you inside." He agreed and got out. As I took over the driver spot and watched him walk away, I was nervous. The parking lot was so busy. And as I mentioned, this is a huge hospital in a big city. And I am a small town girl. As we neared the parking lot area ... I said to the girls, "Let's pray." I had already been praying, and Karalee told me that she had been praying, too, earlier. But this time, we started praying out loud. "Lord Jesus, please open a spot for us."

As I neared the next parking aisle, I saw a truck departing. I turned quickly to see where he had left from. I figured it was a handicap parking spot ... it was so close to the entrance ... just had to be too good to be true. But no, it was a regular parking spot. I pulled in ... and immediately, two parking spaces in front of me opened up. I was blown away. The amazing part ... there wasn't a single car around to compete with. I had the choice of not one, but three, parking spots ... directly in front of the hospital which meant no long walk with two girls and backpacks of things to occupy our time there.

The Lord showed me, as many times before, that when you ask ... He will answer. And when two or more are gathered ... even in the simple things. We don't have to get irritated and sweat it! And let me tell you ... you have never seen three more excited girls! We were praising our Lord and Savior for the precious answered prayer and granted favor - hooting, hollering, and dancing for our Jesus.

When we walk with our God ... in the light of His Word ... He will give us reason to "Just Dance"!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm a "Rescue"

Recently my husband took the girls and I to see Disney's movie, Tron. When it initially began, I thought, "This is not my type of movie." But knowing how the girls love their Wii games, I thought they might just like it.

Well, I am working on another article, and I have to say I get tickled and amazed at where the Lord tends to speak to my heart and the sources He tends to use. As I'm watching the movie, I hear, "I guess you could say I'm a 'rescue.'" The movie had absolutely nothing to do with Jesus or anything spiritual really, but that is exactly where my mind went. I grabbed the closest napkin and wrote those words down. I felt that was exactly where the Lord was taking me with my article. And I just had to praise Jesus that yes, I'm a "rescue." My Savior has surely rescued me and continues to. He is our hope, our life-line, our everything.

When the movie was over, I was so excited over my Savior that when Brian asked me if I liked the movie, I said, "I loved it!" He said, "I didn't think you'd like it." Let's just say that I loved the message I received from the Lord during the movie ... I'm a rescue!

The Lord certainly used my husband and my girls to help rescue me, as well. I can't imagine where I'd be without them. Sitting in that movie theatre, seeing some silly movie ... all four of us ... the girls eating popcorn, Brian eating mini hamburgers and me melting over chips and cheese ... I thank the Lord for my family, but mostly that He loves us so much that He cares to talk to our hearts. To change us. He doesn't abandon us. He rescues us. And life is good.