Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's Time to See

I held the prescription bottle at a distance. Oh, so frustrating. I could see this just yesterday.

I'm losing my nearsightedness. Or maybe it's the lighting. Those blasted energy-saving light bulbs.

Admitting defeat, I ask for help.

"Baby, is that a 5?"

"Yes, Mama, that's a 5."

It happens so gradually. We see the distance, but we lose sight of what's near. The things close to us slip away. Slowly slipping. And it's hard to admit it. It's hard to acknowledge those glasses are needed.

We get so busy doing ... just doing.

What do we lose sight of?

Our children.
Our family.
The love of our life.
Our first love.

The tiny critter hopping down the path.

The seashell on the shore.

And the question we need a crystal clear answer to is this:

Do we want to see?

If we are weary of blindness, there comes a time to admit. Time to put on the glasses. Time to see.

Really see.


  1. I see joy, in new friendships that feel like life long ones.

    1. Me, too. There is no sweeter feeling than meeting someone ... and feeling like you've always known them .... xoxo

  2. I often pray, "Lord, unveil my eyes." I did that after first meeting my husband and I was in a panic about starting a relationship (three hours away and weeks before school began) when I needed to get my classroom ready. My eyes were opened. Also now when I have a stressful working relationship or a conflict in a friendship, I try to remember to pray, "Unveil my eyes, Lord. What am I missing? What am I not seeing that you see?"

    1. Love that, Melodie. Your husband ... how sweet. You offer so much wisdom, Melodie. That reminds me of when the scales fell from Paul's eyes ... help us see what you want us to see, Lord. And I just love that Paul was set straight on Straight Street!! :)


Blessed by you, Shelli