Wednesday, October 14, 2015

From Broken to Mended

It's been pressing on her for a year. Painfully.

That metal piece of whatever you want to call it--expander, though I've called it every name in the book that starts with an "e" and ends with an "er"--served its useful purpose. It broke her. It really broke her. Even her allergies improved.

But boy, it was painful. The piece of metal made it hard to eat. She couldn't feel the roof of her mouth. Did she have any space left in her mouth at all?

It weighed on her heavily for a whole year. A whole year.

"It'll come off next month."

"No, it'll come off next month."

She sat down ... lay back. Hands of relief surround her.

"It's coming off today. It's really coming off," they say.

Feet up.

Relief at last.

Little girl smiles. She feels around in her mouth ... space she forgot she had.

"We won't do anything else today. We'll give it time to heal--see what movement takes place."

Little girl jumps up, leaving all behind, to brush her teeth ... brush all that was broken ... the roof of her mouth ... and rinse. Cleansed. 

She feels the cuts--where metal bore down into flesh, impressing, changing. But she can feel. She can feel once again.

Sometimes we have to be broken before we can mend.

Necessary change. And we wonder when we'll find relief.

And then we hear spoken, "Today's the day."

Sometimes we have to fall back into the hands that are capable.

We leave all behind ... all behind that hinders, binds, hurts, cuts.

We feel the impressions, the change.

But we can feel. Really feel.


  1. WOOOO!!! What a wonderful feeling!!!

    1. Yes, yes! She's free!! :) At least partially. One more year for braces. But after the expander, the braces seem pretty easy. She's having to learn how to talk AGAIN. :)

  2. Shelli, I look forward to the "mending after the brokenness" in a dear one who has a metal plate in his knee. Thank you for encouraging me to look ahead. God's got all of it. And you have a gift of encouragement. <3
    Blessings & hugs ~ Wendy

    1. Aww, Wendy. I think I was needing encouragement myself. :) Oh goodness, recovery is so hard. There is no simple surgery ... let it be said. :)

  3. What a great post!

    I am finding that I can never be broken. The forces that are hammering me make me more compact and denser, but they can't break me. Believe you me...they've tried, and are still trying.

    I may be, and probably will be killed, but it's not the same, and it doesn't matter. As long as I never broke...I won.

    1. You are the strongest person I know, Andrew.

      Years back ... when I found out I needed surgery ... I broke. Inside. On my knees. I was scared. I needed it. It was kind of like that crisis of belief for me, as a young person ... is this relationship with Jesus real? Do you believe what you say you believe? Yeah ... I did. :) I grabbed hold of my faith with both hands.

  4. Ohhhhh, so true! I adore this post. Just beautiful.


  5. Beautiful words, Shelli. Years ago, following emergency surgery, I was hit with severe, PTSD-like anxiety. Broken. Empty. Scared. But, oh, what I learned about our Lord and his faithfulness in that dark time.

    1. Oh, Becky ... I know that fear. But what you learned from our Lord and his faithfulness ... yes! Will I cling to Him? Yes, I will!

      You blessed me so ...


Blessed by you, Shelli