Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Lady Still Longs For A Gentleman

"What do you think about a gentleman?" I ask.

Her eyes shine, a smile inching across her face, and she gathers her knees to her chest. "I love when Harry rises when Ginny walks into the room."

Dear Daughter ...

When many say that in our day chivalry is no longer demanded, wanting not your heart to believe the lies, I'll be a little more candid.

When searching for the qualities to seek in this modern age, Daughter, let's open wide the Bible and respectfully turn the page.
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When you are weak, needing strength, and struggling to see this thing thru, He will take your lifeless body and breathe life back into you.

When you're feeling abandoned, lost, not knowing what to do, He'll offer you his hand, giving counseling and guidance, too.

When past mistakes try to compress the air from the weighted chest, He'll cast them all away, as far as the east is from the west.

When bad choices seem to define you in all the perceived land, He'll push back your attackers, drawing a firm line into the sand.

When your simple, best attempts somehow seem to become divine, it's because he'll turn the humble water into the choicest wine.
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When needs are short, supplies are few, and takers come in droves, He'll take the little you possess and multiply the loaves.

When your downcast face reveals the painful details of your day, He'll listen to your earnest heart, hearing every word you say.

When you're dying inside, a harmful action could surely kill, He'll sooth your heart with gentle words; His loving touch will heal.

When you are blinded by the enemy's daily, constant lies, The Gentleman's hand will grace your face and open wide your eyes.

When at the end of all your self, conviction jabbing like a knife, He'll give you hope anew that day by laying down his life.
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Oh, Daughter ...

When you feel confused, Dear One, you needn't wonder any more; simply knock, and He will answer, opening every door.

When He treats with favor, rising with your entry to a room, know these are the gracious actions of a gentle, treasured groom.

When you hear the world's many false complaints against the God-made plan, Daughter, fix your eyes and take the strong hand of the Gentle Man.
©shelli littleton
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"God created man in his own image ..." --Genesis 1:27

I've heard men say that some women won't let them open the door for them. Unreal. I want my daughters to value those kind actions ... to seek that gentleness and respect, because there are ladies who still treasure those actions. What do you want young people to know?


  1. Thanks for the beauty of this post, Shelli. God doesn't want any daughter of His to settle for "good enough." A single friend of mine was a guest blogger recently (July 27th) and wrote a very interesting post that you might be interested in. The feature image that she put on her post read, "Dating Philosophy - run as fast as you can toward God and if someone keeps up, introduce yourself." No settling for "good enough" in this woman's life. She's praying for a gentle man.

    1. I love that, Diane. I'd always heard that ... something along the lines of keep walking toward God and see who's walking with you. It's great advice for singles. Even when a person is wanting a friend. Thank you for reminding me of that, Diane.

  2. Oh, how beautiful this is, Shelli. So much LOVE in this post. Thank you~~~~~

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    1. You are very welcome. Thank you for stopping by. I so appreciate you.


Blessed by you, Shelli